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The Sakura POS was developed by Namaste International LLC is a web based system to manage restaurants. This system is designed to keep track of each and every activities that is being executed inside your restaurant i.e. staff, customers, sales and many more. It has many features.

We create cost-effective solutions based on technical expertise to deliver the ultimate customer satisfaction. We provide quality service using cutting edge technology, clean design and user friendly interface.

Reasons Why Choosing the Right Sakura POS System
Create Memorable Restaurant Experiences

Increase Restaurant Efficiency

Improve Guest Satisfaction

Easy Online Ordering Can Increase Sales

The Importance of Restaurant Analytics


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Billing and Invoicing

Flexible billing

Dont need to maunal calculations and get rid of a huge headache when it comes to bill spiliting.Easily divide/seperate and group itemas between seats. Billing can be done with in your table/seats.


Cash as well as Credit Card is acceptable. Visa, Mastercard, phone pay or anyonline payment -allow your Customers to use their preferred payment methods and closing their experience smoothly.

Inventory Management

Managing the Stock

Depending on your restaurant's daily stock consumption, the Sakura POS integrated inventory management system gives you the stock-in and stoke-out report.

Food Costing

The Sakura POS produces comprehensive cost taken a toll reports that tell you how much cash you’re investing on the stock. Calculating your food costs and keeping a check on them gets to be super simple.

Menu Forecasting

Menu Forecasting nad your sales is a critical part of inventory management as it tells you the exact stock requirements for a period of time.

Tablet Ordering

Designed with a user-friendly design.

Changing the face of the order taking process.

Customers are enable to place their order themself so the staff can utilize their time in other work.

The ordered item is directly display in kitchen which increase the perforemance.

Customers are able to order and pay from their own table which help them to contactless ordering which save their time.

Reporting & Analytics

Product reports

You can see your top selling products, your orders and your current stocks as well as information related to costs and taxes

Sales/Business Analysis

This reports can help you to analysis your business, it can generate how much profit/loss your business experience.


Have your accounting number automatically posted everyday and dont spend hours doing all the calculations yourself.

Branch Links (Multiple Location)

Location Reporting

Get your all business analysis data of every branch you have, you can get see an overview pf your entire business. See all your customer information, per location, from a single platform.

Security and Privacy

This Sakura POS was developed by a Jeewan I.T. Solution Pvt.Ltd, higly reknowned company that make customers data and information secure.


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